lördag 2 juni 2012


For the third year in a row.

But you will need an aligned mindset to appreciate this restaurant.

You won't get a steak, you may actually not get any meat at all.
There won't be a big chunk of fish, lobster or stuff like that.
You won't be overwhelmed by species, powerful tastes or so.

But it is exciting, it is exciting to start with a manifest to only use nordic ingredients. 
So the courses will be delicate, beautiful, fresh, crisp and enhance the freshness on what ever they can get their hands of. Like pine, birch, herbs and flowers.

With a 45 chef staff + waiters the service is accurate and close to perfection. There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the execution.

But of course, not everyone likes live shrimps, raw razorclams, bone marrow and a high ratio of veggies.

If you however, are curious, have a mindset to stretch your mind and limits Noma will give you an experience that will beat everything you've ever experienced.

Don't compare it with French Laundry, Gordon Ramsay or whatever, this is just so different.