torsdag 15 december 2011

Restaurang Jonas

A friend  to me once said once "I don't care if I live in an ugly building as long as my view is nice". Very true, you should focus on what's surrounding it. I got the same feeling when I heard that Jonas was about to open in that old HSB building. But I'll be the first to admit my mistake.This bulky venue has been carefully transformed into a hypermodern but still warm atmosphere with some "crazy" but lovely details.  The herb wall where they grow their own herbs for example.The customer service is above all expectations. He reservation was a spur of the moment and the dining room was full so we was advised to the food bar. The day after they calls and has an opening for two.Hurrah!The concept is mysterious and well keep your curiosity at a high level.Six or nine courses. Each one influenced by a word that you will have as your check list. This is all you will know. We got 2011-11-08, autumn, textures, luxury, mosaic, the white gold, blood, natural and sin.And then the show begins. Lovely natural tastes, impeccable presentation, cooked to perfection.You can of course discussed if whipped fois gras is to die for? I think I'm more of the fried fois  gras. But who cares? It was excellent in its taste. And the dehydrated cauliflower and onion rings was a nice crispy addition to the smooth texture. It is hard to pick a favourite, I think I will fail. But the scallops had a lovely crispy surface and perfectly raw in the centre. The salty sauce suited me fine. The Zander with fennel was delicate, the egg royale with a year consumption of white truffle was to die for.So different, so good and so hard. So I'll stop here.I'm glad that Stockholm gets a rising star on the restaurant scene shocking the old and tired dudes.This is from a food andquality perspective a given one star with a decent chance of two.I look forward to my next visit here.

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