fredag 13 april 2012

The French Laundry

And it wasn't due to the fact "rated as the most expensive in US", which I read somewhere. 
Because it worth every penny.

It wasn't due to the extremely hard process of getting a table.

It was for the callotte de bœuf grillée served as the main course. This piece of perfectly cooked and most delicious piece of meat made my cry, of joy.

Well it was more to it. TFL is a lovely cozy and romantic place in Yountville in Napa valley. The staff is just fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable, curious, interested and passionate of what they are doing. 

The staff in the kitchen is sort of the same. Add perfect ingredients an impeccable precision and voila, there you have a tasting menu that you will never ever forget.

Of course, the wine list was spectacular, the bread delicious.

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